Learn the predictive techniques of Gann and Elliott Wave analysis in this comprehensive course

We get a variety of traders from around the world with different skill levels, some are novice trades and some are advanced traders looking to brush up on these techniques.

We will take you step by step through this process making sure you understand everything from reading the market correctly to placing winning Forex strategies.

Our educational material does not only provide you with information buts helps you transform it into actionable trading strategies. You will learn professional trade setups and gain the ability to determine the underlying strength or weakness of the market so you can place profitable trades.

What you get in the course


• Learn how to analyse price patterns to predict future moves.
• We will show you how to enter the market at precise decision points where the professionals will be looking to buy or sell aggressively.
• Gain an understanding about market structure and how to identifying market trends and any change in trend.
• 5 Bread and Butter trade setups that will allow you to place trades in any market condition.
• Learn how to use the top down approach to gain the ability to determine the underlying strength or weakness of the market.
• Full email support, we are happy to answer any question you may have.


Why Gann Analysis

Gann Price forecasting techniques have proven to be very successful when applied to Forex Trading. Learn Gann 1:1 swings and overbalancing rules, Swing charts, alternate wave and price retracement rules. In addition Gann analysis is highly complementary when used in conjunction with Elliott Waves.

Why Elliott Wave Analysis

Elliott Wave analysis comes from a deep understanding of market psychology. By using Elliott Waves unique wave count methodology the trader can learn to predict where the market is heading and how to use that information to place excellent risk/reward trades.

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